My Desert Tours in Israel

The Judean desert

In the Judean desert, we can visit many sites like the early Christian monasteries that were built in the fourth and fifth centuries.

We can also visit Qumran, the settlement of the Essenees who wrote the Dead Sea scrolls and we can climb up to Masada (with the funicular if it is too hot) and learn how the rebels resisted the Romans until the year 73 BC.

I can take you on a hike, with or without some climbing in the canyons of the Judean desert, and we can climb Mount Sodom, a mountain made of salt.

I will show you how the plants and animals manage to survive in this dry, salty area.

Of course, we will float in the Dead Sea and cover ourself with the mud that is rich with minerals.

I will also explain you the secret of the inhabitants of Ein Gedi and show you the remnants of the first factory which extracted minerals from the Dead Sea in the 1930s.


It is in this desert, that David Ben Gurion dreamed of making the desert bloom and it happened!

Apart from hikes in amazing landscapes, I can take you to Sde Boker where Ben Gurion lived and wished to be buried. We can visit the farms where the farmers will explain how they make the desert bloom and we will taste their products.

We can visit or hike in one of the Makhteshim, huge craters that are windows into the earth. They were shaped as the result of a unique natural process of folding and erosion.