About Léontine Cohen – Private Guide in Jerusalem

Bio of Leontine Cohen Pauka

I am Leontine Cohen and today I am an official Tour Guide of Israel.

During my past-time, I enjoy reading, then writing about Jerusalem and animating a Podcast on Spotify called : “Yalla Israel !”

Few words about my life as a tour guide and a life traveller.

I was born and raised in Holland before I moved to Paris and finally settled in Jerusalem.

Amsterdam, Holland

After I finished my studies, I worked as a Social Worker for the city of Amsterdam.

But as I was fascinated with art, history, culture and architecture, I moved to Paris.

Yes, I had fallen in love with a Parisian and the beautiful city of Paris.

My first job in Paris was in the famous Jewish restaurant Jo Goldenberg.

And my next step was to join the Tour Guide course in Paris to become a French licensed Tour Guide.

Paris, France

In Paris I lived in the Marais and I was surrounded every day with the beauty of this fun and trendy neighborhood.

As a guide I spent all my time in the Louvre, Versailles, in the Impressionist Museum Orsay and Notre Dame.

I discovered that being a guide was the most fun and interesting job, and 30 years later I still think so.

The Jewish Walking Tour in Paris

The Mona Lisa and the Winged Victory became my best friends, and the museums my second home.

I have worked with joy as a free-lance guide with individual tourists, International agencies and organizations.

Also, I developed several tours around food, like cheese, chocolate and bakery tours.

Shoah Memorial in Paris with Léontine as a Tour Guide in Paris

But what I am most proud of, is the Jewish tour of Paris that I combined with the Jewish Louvre.

It is now the specialty of my daughter Flora Goldenberg, who is also a licensed Tour Guide in Paris.

If you are traveling to Paris, to visit or just on a Layover in Paris, make sure to contact her for ideas and insights.

You can also hire Sam, who is our private driver in Paris, who is my trusted colleague and still works as a driver for the car tour in the Jewish Paris.

During all those years, I have met so many interesting people, and developed so many different tours in Paris, it was amazing!

But, my Jewish roots pushed me to go further, to Israel.

Jerusalem, Israel

So, after 30 Parisian years, I moved to Israel, the Promised and Holy Land.

The only work I could see myself do was of course: Licensed Tour Guide in Jerusalem.

So, again, I returned back to school, and I joined the Israeli Tour Guide course in Jerusalem.

And here I am, ready to guide you with love and enthusiasm anywhere in Israel.

In summary …

Through my travels, through my experience as a professional tour guide, and as a fervent researcher of the Jewish historical gems, I want to show you what I see : the beauty of this complex but amazing country : Israel , its intricate history in a nutshell, its struggle, its mixity and diversity which makes Israel unique and strong.

Above all, my mission is to share my passion with you and offer you an unforgettable trip.

Best regards,

Léontine Cohen Pauka – Contact a Tour Guide in Jerusalem