Israel Guided Tour during Independance Day

Visit Israel with Leontine, an enthusiastic, experienced guide

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Israel has a long history and is the cradle of civilization.

Israel is mentioned not only in the Bible but also in Eygyptian hieroglyphs, Assyrian scriptures, as well as in Greek and Roman history.

Israel has a mix of incredible archeology, modern technology and science, and the most diverse nature with mountains, sea and desert.

The modern history of Israel is just as complicated as it is interesting.

The food and wine in Israel have reached very high standards and famous chefs from all over the world have come to Israel to experience the delicacies of the land.

Israel is a mosaic of three monotheist religions, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, as well as minorities such as Druze, Ahmadi and Bahai. A fascinating mosaic, a less well known facet of this country, which can be explained and shared with you as we visit the country.

Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Masada, Caesarea, Akko, the desert… the list of sites is endless. I will help you shape your perfect journey through the country according to your wishes and interests.

Everywhere we go, I will explain the long history of the country including the Zionist settlement and the development of modern Israel. We will also discuss the dispute with the Palestinians and I will be able to make this conflict understandable for you.

We will meet with inhabitants of all religions who will be very happy to share with you their perceptions of Israel.

I am giving you here an example of what can be visited, but I will create a tailor made program for each client who wants to be guided by me according to his/her interests.