Old Testament tour in Galilee and Northern Coast of Israel

Israel Galilee Tour with a private tour guide

We can travel in the footsteps of Jesus and visit sites that are mentioned in the New Testament such as Nazareth, Beit Saida, Korazim, and many more.

We can also visit the many ancient synagogues and Jewish towns which can be found in the Galilee, as many Jews moved here after the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD.

In Galilee, we can visit the artist village of Rosh Pina, the Kabalistic town of Safed and we can hike in the oak forests while enjoying the breathtaking views.

We can also sail on the Sea of Galilee, the largest body of freshwater in the land, and have a swim.

It is in the Galilee where we can visit some of the minority groups in Israel like the Druze or Circassians.

Again, there exist many other possibilities in the Galilee with natural and historical context.

The Tour of the Northern Coast of Israel

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Akko, a World Heritage site, with its underground Crusader city and above its Ottoman city, with the second most important mosque in the country, preserving a hair from the beard of Mohamed.

Rosh Hanikra is a chalk cliff shaped by the waves through which we can walk.

We can explore Cabri from where an aqueduct left to supply Akko with water.

Ahziv, an important memorial for the “Night of the Bridges”, being a joint action in 1946 of the Haganah and the Jewish underground during the British Mandate. They destroyed all the bridges connecting Palestine with neighboring countries.





Old testament tour : Golan Heights Tour + Mount Hermon tour

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Learn about the Six Day War and the Yom Kippur War and have a look into Syria.

Take the ski lift to the top of Mount Hermon, the only ski resort in the land.

Hike through the Golan Heights and walk by waterfalls.

Visit Gamla, a Second Temple Period village as well as a vulture’s viewpoint.

Learn about the migrating birds as Israel is a platform for them, migrating from Europe to Africa.

Visit major archeological sites like Hazor, Tel Dan and Banyas, all mentioned in the Old Testament.

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