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Jerusalem Tours

Jerusalem has endless possibilities of visits with of course the Old City and its four quarters: Jewish, Armenian, Christian and Muslim.

In the Old City, we can visit the Wailing Wall and the adjacent Archeological Garden where we see the history of the Second Temple Period come alive. We also visit the Roman remnants of the city, the Holy Sepulcher, the Mameluk architecture, the Hurva synagogue and walk by the Via Dolorosa and so many other sites.

Outside the Old City, we can visit the City of David with its archeology and the water tunnel of Hezekiah (yes, we will be walking through water in a 2700 year old tunnel), the incredible Israel Museum with the Dead Sea scrolls, the tomb of King Herod and many other splendors.

We can walk up the Mount of Olives and visit the churches there or end at Mount Zion where churches bear witness to the presence of events in the life of Jesus, for example his Last Supper and his imprisonment… and not to forget Yad Vashem and Mount Herzl, the Begin museum, the famous shuk and again, so many other sites.

Both the Old City and the city outside the 500 year old city walls, have endless possibilities for visiting, so I will adapt the program according to your interest, religion and previous experience within the city.

Neighborhoods walk

We will walk through different neighborhoods of West Jerusalem and learn about the development of the city from the 1860-s until today.

I will take you by the tiny Jewish neighborhoods with their different origins and histories, through the Christian German Colony, admire the Arab neighborhood of Talbiya and visit the small Garden City Rehavia.

We will discover the different architectures, from Middle Eastern style to International Style and I will bring to life the different people who made Jerusalem what it is today.

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Museum tours

Yad Vashem

Yad Vashem Guided Tour Inside with Leontine Cohen

The name of this impressive museum means “The Memorial to the Name”.

A special law was made in the 1950s in order to preserve the memory of the 6 million Jews murdered during World War II.

I will guide you through the museum of Yad Vashem and we will see the different memorials and monuments that are located in the compound.

We will learn about the The Righteous Among the Nations, the Diaspora (the Jews living in Europe before the war) and the terrible destiny of these Jews.

Israel Museum

Thanks to my experience and education as a French National guide, I will be able to show you the impressive art collection. I call this museum “The Louvre of Israel”.

The amazing archeological collection emphasizes on the biblical history of Israel and you will be stunned to see artifacts that we will connect directly with the Old and New testament.

The Shrine of the Book, a memorial to the oldest written biblical text in the world, will bring us to Qumran, a Jewish religious community, living in the Judean desert more than 2000 years ago.

Other museums I can guide you and highly recommend: L.A. Mayer Institute for Islamic Art, Friends of Zion museum, Bible Lands Museum, Tower of David Museum and many more.

Food Safari

Visit the shuk, taste and sample the different specialties like halva, humus, herbs, Israeli cheeses, olive oil and wines.

Then move on to the Old City where we can taste warm humus, freshly made in front of us and for the adventurous foodies I can bring you to a tiny restaurant where we can taste grilled brains.

I hope you liked the tours described above.

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